The cargoes we move help our freight forwarder and aerospace partners to find fast, trackable, and managed solutions to deal with AOG (aircraft on ground) situations. We deliver engines, spare parts, brakes & wheels, aircraft components and other supplies, which are essential for putting an aircraft back to service and preventing further delays or cancellations.

We have an extensive experience transporting aircraft engines and aerospace spare parts:

Watch how we handle air cargo deliveries for Aerospace Industry

Time-critical delivery

Time-critical delivery

Aircraft parts, engines and components

Aircraft parts, engines and components

24/7 AOG desk

24/7 AOG desk

AOG Services


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Volga-Dnepr Group’s highly-educated and skilled workforce has a proven track record of tackling every aspect of the transportation and logistics process, no matter how complex or extreme the challenge may seem.

Airlines all over the world focus on improving the reliability of their services through expansion of their fleets, route networks and optimization of their aircraft and engines. That is why it is important to have a peace of mind of knowing that pre-emptive solutions are in place to handle AOG situations and to ensure minimal impact to their routine operations.

Our AOG service has been designed by the airline industry experts to deliver this assurance. Volga-Dnepr AOG team includes specialists from Volga-Dnepr Technic - dedicated provider of MRO services to various types of aircraft.

The AOG team guarantees prompt response and actions to AOG situations at any location worldwide, including provision of highly qualified personnel on site to perform aircraft inspection and assessment scopes, ordering and replacing required parts and components, and processing relevant records.

Supported by a 24/7 team of aviation professionals and logistics practitioners, our dedicated AOG service offers the fastest and most cost-efficient solutions. Group’s unique Boeing 747, Boeing 737, An-124-100 and Il-76TD-90VD fleet enables smooth and seamless air charter and scheduled cargo services.

AOG spares carried with the Group’s scheduled services in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific are confirmed on the first available flight.

As aircraft operators ourselves and as a provider of transportation and logistics services to the Aerospace industry for the last 28 years, we know only too well how important it is to have a rapid, trackable and managed solution to deal with AOG situations fast.
Ben Cupidi, Head of AOG Services in Europe


up to 120t max payload
AN-124-100 diagramm

Cargo compartment dimensions 36.5x6.4x4.4m
The world’s largest series-produced ramp aircraft
Volga-Dnepr is the biggest international AN-124-100 operator in the world



up to 50t max payload

Cargo compartment dimensions 20x3.45x3.4m
The aircraft is fully compliant with ICAO's standards and is approved for global operations


Boeing 747

up to 139t max payload
46 pallet capacity

The most advanced cargo aircraft of its type ever built by Boeing
The 747 is especially well-suited for out-of-gauge shipments requiring nose loading


Boeing 737

up to20t max payload
10 pallet capacity

The group‘s 4 Boeing 737 freighters provide regional cargo lift
They are used as part of Volga-Dnepr‘s „Cargo Supermarket“ service offering alongside the rest of the fleet

Our AOG service has extensive network of international MRO stations in various regions of the world with dedicated hangar facilities in Leipzig (Germany) and Sharjah (UAE). All MRO stations are properly equipped and powered by high-end MRO specialists. In case of AOG we take prompt actions in forming AOG team with field trips organized shortly after request.
AOG Service worldwide locations


Delays will significantly increase the costs. Contact us now.


Volga-Dnepr Technics has implemented a system of prompt AOG response actions, with forming an AOG Team consisting of omni-purpose specialists able to eliminate defects within the shortest period.

As one of our customers, you will benefit from:


Our 24/7 AOG Desk is staffed by aviation and logistics experts, providing our customers with a seamless around the clock service.

  • International coverage with local offices and personnel in every region of the world and favorable locations of MRO bases in the UAE, Germany, Belgium, and Russia.
  • With visibility across the entire fleet, our AOG Team can provide you with quickest and most economical solution to even the most complex AOG requirement, offering comprehensive pricing solutions within minutes.


of Volga-Dnepr Group, containing both ramp (An-124-100 and IL-76TD-90VD) and non-ramp (Boeing 747 and B737) freighters.

Our AOG solutions combine all of the best practices and experience of Volga-Dnepr Group’s global team, developed over more than 28 years of serving customers worldwide.


  • The team with a proven history of managing AOG transportations through long-term customer relationships established over more than 28 years of operations.
  • Certified, experienced, and highly-skilled specialists, including engineers and technicians, who understand your requirements and are ready to provide a proactive response.
  • Packaging advice and support for your AOG shipment to ensure the integrity, safety and security of the aircraft spare part throughout the transportation process.


  • Provision of the most cost-efficient, fast, and secure logistics solutions for AOG situations;
  • Maximum flexibility of business methods in combination with client-oriented approaches;
  • Assistance with documentation, including customs clearance and insurance;
  • Operational bases across the globe to provide faster and more cost-efficient access to its fleet and services.


From small aviation components to wings and entire aircraft, Volga-Dnepr has established itself as a vital partner in the aerospace logistics supply chain for world leading companies.

  • Our Flight Operations Team arranges all necessary overflight and landing permits.
  • Yes, of course. We operate both charter and scheduled flights and, depending on the size of your component(s), we will either divert a scheduled aircraft or arrange a charter to your destination.
  • On all our freight flights, your consignment is accompanied by a highly experienced team of loadmasters, engineers & flight crew. All shipments are tracked and handled by our 24/7 operations team, ensuring you have full visibility and control of your shipments.
  • We operate the world’s largest fleet of Antinov-124s, an aircraft with the largest freight capacity of any now flying. In addition, we have over 28 years of unrivalled experience handling oversize and complex consignments for the aerospace industry.
  • Our Operations Team is on call and available 24/7, 365 days a year.